All About Americas

05/02/2020, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Indiana University, Kokomo, Havens Auditorium

We are going to walk all over the Americas for this concert.  Opening with the iconic When Johnny Goes Marching Home as orchestrated by American composer Morton Gould, we then move to an all-time favorite, Rhapsody in Blue, with soloist Greg Kostraba.  Strolling down to South America, we want to present a string piece called Leyendas: an Andean Walkabout by American composer Gabriela Lena Frank.  And we finish with Czechoslovakian composer Antonin Dvoraks tribute to his adopted land, his Symphony No. 9, from the New World.  This is the most popular of his symphonies written during an extended stay in a Bohemian community in Iowa.  This program should thrill the experienced and the novice concert-goer. This concert is part of our season ticket.